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Australian Grand Champion

Buquet Midnight Sun


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Sire:  Australian Champion Aztlon Kar Zut Ti (Imp NZ)

Dam:  Australian Champion Buquet Moon Magic

DOB:  1 March 1994


  Best of Breed  

Dog Challenge

Royal Canberra Show 2001

  3 times R/Up Best Exhibit in Group  

All Breeds Championship Shows


Kramer is our first Tibbie and is bred by Michele & Peter Waterman.  I knew nothing about showing dogs until Michele suggested to me that I show him.  Kramer was only the second Tibbie in Victoria to become Australian Grand Champion.


Kramer has won Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Group at Championship Shows on 3 occasions and has won over 30 In-Group/In-Show awards and has appeared on "A Current Affair" in an intelligence test of different dog breeds.


Although Tibbies are considered aloof with strangers, Kramer never was and delighted in greeting guests with one of his many teddies.


Kramer retired from the show ring as of July 2002 and became a couch potato (actually he always was one).  Very sadly, Kramer passed away on 22 June 2005.


He was always a happy dog and loved to play hide and seek.  He had two versions of this game.  Version 1: you'd say "ready" and he would watch the toy you were about to throw and bark at you, wagging his tail, then "set" and he'd be still watching, wagging and barking, then when you said "go" you'd throw it and off he'd charge.  He got too clever for that after a while and would turn around waiting for you to throw it as soon as you said "ready"!  Version 2: when he got bored with first version he'd just watch you throw it, and even after watching where you threw it, he would slowly walk around the house looking behind things to see if it was there.  This could go on for 3 or 4 minutes.  Then, when he felt like it, he would go up to where he knew the toy was and, acting totally surprised (and very excited), would grab the toy and bring it back.


 Some Kramer pics:

(click on photo to enlarge)


Best of Breed Royal Canberra Show 2001 (Judge Mr E Patterson, UK)


First day at his new home - Kramer fell asleep eating dinner



Loves his teddies!


R/Up Best in Group, Judge Ms Glenys Alexander


Royal Adelaide Show 2000


Best Open in Group, Judge Mrs Mandy Manley Smith

(Photo: Sally Stasytis)


Watching TV


Guarding the front yard


Competing at Royal Melbourne Show


Fascinated by a tennis ball



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